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xxx, After a while we were joined by our other sister, the procuratrix, who goeth out every morning and buyeth all we require for the day and night; and we continued in such condition till this last night.

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Symptom Frequency (%)
Widespread muscle and joint pain 100%
Fatigue 80%
Sleep difficulties 75%
Numbness and tingling 64%
Dizziness 60%
Swollen feeling in tissues 40%
Aggravating Factors of Pain  
Cold temperature 80%
Anxiety 80%
Poor sleep 76%
Stress 63%
Overuse or trauma 62%
Physical inactivity 48%
Noise 24%
Overlapping Conditions/Symptoms  
Chronic fatigue syndrome 64%
Irritable bowel syndrome 60%
Multiple chemical sensitivity 55%
Headaches 53%
Dizziness 47%
Primary dysmenorrhoeal 45%
Restless legs syndrome 31%
Female urethral syndrome 12%
Dry mouth 12%
Temporomandibular dysfunction Common *
Periodic limb movement Common *
Cognitive impairment Common
*These conditions are common in crucial practice, but there is specific data regarding their frequency.  
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xxx, After a while we were joined by our other sister, the procuratrix, who goeth out every morning and buyeth all we require for the day and night; and we continued in such condition till this last night.

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